• We act as your global sourcing partner, where you no need to build infrastructure, involve manpower, constant follow-up.
  • We deliver as per your demand in right time by selecting a suitable manufacturing source and confirming product quality with our reputed engineers who are from the same destinations.
  • On response level, China & India are too lower than US & Europe levels. They need to be pushed at regular interval in order to meet the requirements. We take this process since our primary responsibility is Quality and Timely Delivery.
  • We maintain at least 3 months advance stocking of your parts at our ware-houses to meet JIT Delivery.
  • We involve, High Technical, Quality & Sourcing personnel’s to maintain our rapport amongst our valuable customers.
  • As far as experience, we are in this service for more than 10 years and we are doing more than 1000 parts in different commodities, weight ranges from 40 Gms to 960 kgs as a single part.

Technical Assistance

  • Practical advice on casting requirements, choice of material, and foundry processes
  • Regular monitoring of quality on the customer’s premises
  • Constant updating of lead times and assistance with urgent delivery requirements
  • Warning of impending difficulties, raw material price changes likely to affect casting processes, etc
  • Advice on casting liability, governing law and freight clauses

We also provide engineering services such as 2D Drawing, 3D Modeling, Rapid Prototyping, Tool and Fixture Designing. CALMET’s end-to-end processes are very extensive. Experienced engineering professionals achieve the desired technical design, while our foundries handle molding, coring, melting & refining, heat treatments, quenching, and pattern making. Our finishing facilities provide various welding, fabrication, shot/sand blasting services, and both rough and final machining services. CALMET can provide complete quality and inspection services including magnetic particle testing, liquid penetration testing, ultrasonic, radiography, and coordinate measuring. Fully equipped laboratories are available for sand, chemical, metallurgical and electronics testing.


We are providing end-to-end support on 24×7 basis thro’ our Web Based CRM Module. It affords the customer to know about the Parts in Stock, Shipment Tracking Details, Invoice / BL Details and etc., For more details visit. Link to portal