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The unique CALMET value proposition arises from the convergence of three distinct advantages: Superior knowledge and use of technology, In-country expertise, and Cost effective scalable capacity of our offshore manufacturing facilities. Our team of skilled professionals offers its demanding customers 24 x 7 services from our offices in Brazil, China, India and US. Our customer list includes big and discerning companies such as SA Armstrong, Idex Corporation, Viking Corporation, Dover Group and Tyco Valves.

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Cast Iron Casting Manufacturer and Supplier

Why Calmet?

Calmet is a one stop complete supply chain solutions provider and is one of the leading suppliers of iron castings and machined iron castings. Cast iron tends to be brittle, except for malleable cast irons. With its relatively low melting point , good fluidity, castability, excellent machinability, cast iron has become an engineering material with a wide range of applications across various industries. Iron casting and machined iron casting are used in several industries that include pumps, valves, Agriculture, Earth moving, Highway, HVAC, Tubing. Iron casting and machined iron casting are majorly supplied from India and China. Calmet has its supplier base both in India and China and can source casting according to the requirement of the customers in the North America and Europe.

One stop supply chain solution:

One Stop complete global supply chain would basically mean that companies take care of delivery of goods to the customer right from the initial stage when the request for quotation is made till the final stage of delivery of order. The process involve managing of order with local warehousing facility and will ensure a just in time delivery. Calmet has been supplying to customers in North America and Europe as we purchase iron castings and machined iron castings from low cost manufacturers both in India and China. Very few companies in the casting and iron casting market have been successful with Just in time delivery. Calmet is one of the most successful companies able to stock goods at its local warehouse and hence provide just in time delivery for its customers in the Europe and North America. This include vendor consultation, inventory management and quality control. Calmet is also one of the low cost casting suppliers both in India and China. The customers for iron casting and machined iron casting has got the flexibility to determine the frequency of shipping either daily, weekly or even monthly. The real time inventory tracking system helps to track the movement of casting parts for local delivery at the customer place. One stop-shop-solutions consolidate and simplify the sourcing and procurement process of customers and reduce overall time and cost for the development and production of components as well as the related logistics expenses.

Applications of iron casting & machined iron casting:

Cast iron is used in a wide variety of structural and decorative applications, because it is relatively inexpensive, durable and easily cast into a variety of shapes. The basic cast iron material may appear to be the same, or very similar, however, the component size, composition, use, condition and other factors dictate that different treatments be used to correct similar problems. Some of the most notable characteristics of iron casting are its lower melting point than steel which makes it cheaper to produce, its good wear resistance, its excellent machinability, its tensile strength and the ease with which intricate designs can be produced. Castings are used virtually everywhere. Gray iron and Flake Graphite is used for making fly wheels, machine bases . engine blocks, piston rings, brake, discs and drums . The wide range of applications where the iron casting is used also include agricultural equipment, for pipe fittings, automobile engine blocks ,to name a few. Iron casting can also be modified through the manufacturing process to optimize its mechanical and physical properties, such as strength and durability. The largest use of gray iron castings is the motor vehicle industry. Gray iron casting is ideal for machine blocks because it can be cast into complex shapes at a relatively low cost. Other casting applications for gray iron include compressor housings for appliances and other equipment.

Types of industries served:

Machined iron casting and iron casting are widely used in Automotive industry, Industrial pump industry, Industrial valve industry, general engineering industry. Since cast irons are used in a more wide variety of industries, the automotive and heavy equipment sectors tend to be the primary end users of the materials, making products such as brake disks in mass quantities and large pumps in short production runs, respectively. In the past 10 years, the amount of iron used in a typical north American family vehicle has plummeted 86lbs in the year 2001. The European automotive industry has also had success using casting. Typically a company sends a CAD solid model of the design to the United States , Germany, for pattern design. Suppliers of iron casting and machined iron casting from India and China offer warehousing facilities in major location in USA , Germany so as to serve locally including major cities like California where some of its major industries include agriculture, oil, mining to name a few where both iron casting and machined iron casting is used widely. Iron casting is widely used in OEM’s , Electrical utilities, steel mills, mining and construction.

India and China as the global suppliers of casting

Both India and China have the ability to compete on a global scale as far as iron casting and machined iron casting are concerned. India and China are also one of the leading suppliers of iron casting and machined iron casting to both USA and Europe. In India, 74% of iron castings produced are grey iron and 12% are ductile iron and malleable iron castings. The need for developing and manufacturing high performance cast iron products at a competitive price is therefore mandatory. The worldwide increasing need of iron casting and machined iron casting is having a direct impact in the penetration of china, India in the world market and particularly in the European market. The increased iron casting export from china and India to USA and European countries more importantly Germany are largely attributable to the factors like better availability, casting design, range of iron casting, packaging, lower transportation, local delivery and more important better price. Casting Shipments from china are continuing to increase each year and main reasons include plentiful of raw materials available in china .

Low Cost casting supplier

Since the manpower costs and the material costs are lower in India the prices of cast iron are at a lower price. Hence companies in the USA , Germany and rest of the Europe choose to buy from India although their favorite destinations include China as well. Calmet is one of the leading Suppliers who supply cast iron and machined cast iron in both India and China at a lower price without compromising on the quality. Studies have also shown that in USA and Europe even with a multimillion dollar investment in the foundry, the cost of Chinese and Indian supply of iron casting was 30-50% cheaper than doing them in-house. The cost of high metal scrap and pig iron and the strong Euro continue to reduce the profit of metal casters, in Germany which has also made them look out for low cost casting suppliers from India and China. India is the new china… sort of. Production costs in India from the US view point are now lower than china although transportation is slightly higher but the net result is that the landed cost is lower.

Iron casting supplier:

Iron casting suppliers take utmost care to understand the technical requirements of the product and understand the drawings received. As far as iron castings are concerned the weights are the base of prices. The suppliers of iron casting need to have the ability to estimate the rough casting weights according to machined weights. Iron casting suppliers in India also have the machining workshops and hence supply the machined iron castings.

Casting Supplier India:

Indian casting suppliers primarily use pig iron as the basic raw material. Indian Casting industry occupies an important place in the European and US markets. India thus becomes one of the dominant suppliers of castings to the US market. The main advantages of import from Indian market are simplicity of production and low labor costs. In construction castings India was occupies one of the most dominant import source to the US market.

Casting Supplier China:

One of the main reasons US producers choose China as the casting supplier is because of the lower prices. Exceptional quality control , transportation and fine service with just in time delivery at the local place is the reason for producers in the US and Germany to go for suppliers from China.

Machined Iron Casting Supplier:

In spite of the near-net shape of castings, the functional surfaces and mounting dimensions have to be adjusted by machining. And grey cast iron is more suitable for machining. Foundries that also machined grey iron castings enjoyed positive operative income and the suppliers of machined iron casting is on the increase .Foreign origin machined iron castings were increasingly purchased from China as their imports increased each successive years. This has resulted in OEM’s asking vendors to perform more operations so that the OEM’s can cut down their costs to maintain machining, assembly and related operations. Thus OEM’s in US are purchasing from foreign suppliers.